Thursday, January 3, 2013


Refer to previous Blog post post of my AMBITIOUS fitness goals......Did I reach my Christmas goal of being at PRE-Baby weight...............NOPE.  Did I try really really hard...YES.  Did I learn some VERY VALUABLE LESSONS ABOUT LIFE AND MYSELF........YEP.   Are those lessons worth the 4.2 lbs I have left between reality and that goal.   Yes!!!

Here is what I am learning.......slowly apparently...........

Sometimes you need a BREAK...............cue story of an insane two week period of CRAZY HUSBAND, INJURED CHILD, CRYING BABY, AND POTTY TRAINING DEFIANT TODDLER.   Lets just cut to the end and say I ended up passed out at work (literally :0 ) and in the ER.  Prescription from the attending MD : YOU NEED A BREAK (including food, sleep, and a little bit of quiet)......did that happen.....not really....I walked right back into my life 3 hours later (better hydrated from IV fluids) and went right back to the crying baby...and so on.   BUT....I am getting better at DEMANDING a break for myself....from myself.  I am getting better at taking a bath instead of doing the taking a nap instead making an over ambitious dinner on Sundays and playing with my kids and ignoring the pile of laundry.  (I HATE LAUNDRY) I know the TYPE A in me is going to take my WHOLE LIFE to what husband calls "Learn to relax and SIT DOWN ALREADY!!!!!"  but I'm trying.....and I havent been to the ER lately. :)

ALL YOU CAN DO IS ALL YOU CAN DO......Its no secret I am SUPER motivated, and generally SUPER enthusiastic about things I think are important (cue spirit fingers...GO TEAM)  But sometimes I ....well... CANT DO EVERYTHING.   GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and guess what I learned.....I kind of like it!!!!  Some days its just more important to cuddle a teething baby then workout, do laundry or even shower.  Although not doing EVERYTHING I set out to do sometimes gives me the end doing what is MOST IMPORTANT usually trumps it.  And lets be honest..........there is no humanly possible way to finish a to do list a mile long with a potty training toddler.  So I am just not beating myself up about not being SUPER WOMAN everyday.  Because frankly she doesn't really exist in the way I thought she did.   What I can be SUPER at is giving all I have to what is most important in the moment, and leaving the rest to do when I can. 

DON'T GIVE UP BECAUSE YOU FALL ON YOUR FACE.........ask my friends....if there is something I'm famous for...its falling on my face..literally.  Its unfortunately genetic.  Thank heavens my children inherited their fathers cat like reflexes because uh....I have rather slow ones. =)  But, in life....who likes to fail?  Who likes to screw up?  Who likes to make mistakes?  Not me....but guess what.  Its inevitable.  So get over it.  Brush yourself off and start again. People may laugh at you...people may judge you...people may even dislike you...thats their problem.  In my opinion the only way you fail is if you stop trying.  So here I go again. 

Life is to precious to waste it being a STRESS CASE

The peanut butter smeared under the counter...the boots left in the middle of the floor....that pesky "junk drawer" that is already full of junk after you cleaned it last week........not worth my worries.  What should I worry about....becoming a kinder, better person.  I should worry about hugging my kids before they go off to school and not the fact they didn't get ready as fast as I told them to.   Its what my dad used to call "making a mountain out of a mole hill" (hated that expression as a kid) I am learning to look through the filter of "Is this REALLY important??"  "Is this of LASTING CONSEQUENCE??"  Its making me a little more patient...ok a lot more patient and a lot more forgiving of other people and of myself.   Because its true...the old saying....there is no use CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK....cause its just milk.   Now if its breast milk ...go ahead and cry. LOL That stuff is like GOLD. 

LIFE HAPPENS and guess what else.......ITS FREAKIN HARD!!!!!!!!!!  you know that expression "life is a bowl full of cherries" .....well guess what???  Some people HATE cherries....sometimes the birds eat all your cherries...and sometimes your cherries get worms.  TRUTH!!!!   So now what????   Embrace that its hard.  But those cherries are mad full of antioxidants and and if you eat'll be stronger.   The only way you build more muscle on your body is to literally work your muscles so hard that they tear and build new muscle.  Ouch.  Life is unfortunately the same way.  As much as we may hate it in the moment, life hurts but we will come out stonger.  Sometimes you need a bandaid a chocolate brownie...but don't quote me on that.

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